About me

ELLO! My name is Rosey, a 22 year old polish addict! And i refused to go to therapy hehe :)

This blog is not so much a journey of designing my nails or nail art because I've always been that person since Elementary school. I used to pop rhinestones off the back of my jeans and beggg my Mother to let me design her toes. (she always said yes) Than i taught myself to do acrylic in the 7th grade and i was hooked.

So this blog here is basically my journey to polish collecting and learning new things about caring for nails, because even though i was always designing my nails my polish collection was always scarce. I was researching "how to do marble nails" and came across sooo many wonderful blogs. I was shocked had no idea people were blogging about nail polish and all it's glory! To say the least i was exciting and wanted to join this wonderful community right away. So here i am, hope you all enjoy :)