Saturday, April 14, 2012

I do my own nails..

Ok so I've always done my own nails but it was really at random times, my toes i do like once a week. So about a year ago i started a new job and i went to the near by Dollar Tree store to get a Mountain Dew. And there were LA color polishes for 1 dollar, i got excited and just about like 6 of em, since than i buy polish every week now. I always look up nail design ideas online, and came across Nails and Noms blog about a week ago. Since than i read and viewed soooo many blogs and to say the least i was impress, i didn't know ppl blogged about polish. So i said hey why can't i, so welcome to my sure to be epic journey of polish collecting, nail art, and etc! I'll just include random pictures of my nails within the last month.

Today i stopped for a Strawberry Banana smoothie.

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