Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I just bought Wet and Wild "Hallucinate" and i thought it was very similar to China Glaze "Fairy Dust". What do you think?

I only did two nails, the base coat is China Glaze "Liquid Leather". This  is how it looks with no top coat yet, and both polish are super shiny! The ring finger is "Hallucinate" and the thumb is Fairy Dust...

Hallucinate has more blue glitters and Fairy Dust is more rainbow colors.

Fairy Dust has been my fav glitter polish since i bought it, but Hallucinate will now take over, i just love the blue specks! And the price difference is so significant, China Glaze was $7.50 while Wet and Wild is $1.99 but i got it on sale for $1.

With Seche Vite as top coat, Not to much of a diffrence right?

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